Orchestra and Ensemble

for viola and orchestra

Horn Concerto
for horn and orchestra

Symphony No. 3
for large orchestra, chorus and electronics

for orchestra

Concerto for Orchestra

Concerto Grosso for String Quartet and Orchestra

Bridges and Paths
for ensemble

House of Mirrors
for two violoncelli and orchestra

Before Heaven, Before Earth
Symphony No. 2
for large orchestra

In Circles
16 Imaginary Dances for 18 Players
for ensemble

Cello Concerto
for violoncello and orchestra

Night Machine
for 9 instruments

Stürzten wir uns ins Feuer
Symphony No. 1
for large orchestra

Piano Concerto
for piano and orchestra

quasi un concertino per pianoforte e 10 strumenti
for piano and ensemble

for violin and orchestra

Geistliche Dämmerung
for 11 instruments